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The unique and colorful Artisan ceramic tiles are styled after the Moroccan Zellige tile. Each glossy color has a lot of range in its shading, making it perfect for any space that needs some personality!

2 sizes and 10 colors complete the collection, making this a truly versatile ceramic wall tile.   Bullnose and other trim pieces available.

The tile sizes provided are approximates.   The tiles have a handmade feel so the sizes have slight variation.   5×5 and 2.5×8 are the approximate sizes.

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2x8 Artisan Gold
Color Name: 2x8 Artisan Gold
2x8 Artisan Graphite
Color Name: 2x8 Artisan Graphite
2x8 Artisan Moss Green
Color Name: 2x8 Artisan Moss Green
2x8 Artisan Colonial Blue
Color Name: 2x8 Artisan Colonial Blue
2x8 Artisan Alabaster
Color Name: 2x8 Artisan Alabaster
2x8 Artisan Aqua
Color Name: 2x8 Artisan Aqua
2x8 Artist Burgundy
Color Name: 2x8 Artist Burgundy
2x8 Artisan_rose_mallow
Color Name: 2x8 Artisan_rose_mallow
2x8 Artisan Ochre
Color Name: 2x8 Artisan Ochre
2x8 Artisan_white
Color Name: 2x8 Artisan_white
Color Name: Artisan_gold
Color Name: Artisan_graphite