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Colour regains its status as the key feature of design interiors with Eclectic, a collection of ceramic wall tiles in the large 16×48″ size. With a vibrant chromatic energy, eight solid colours are inspired by the fashion world’s most original and innovative trends for decorating living spaces.

7-10 business day standard lead time. Contact Us for quantity confirmation.

Stock Products are available with a standard turn around time of 10 business days or less. All products are subject to availability. Contact your sales representative for all confirmations.

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Eclettica Anthracite
Color Name: Eclettica Anthracite
Eclectic Blue
Color Name: Eclectic Blue
Eclectic Cream
Color Name: Eclectic Cream
Eclectic Purple
Color Name: Eclectic Purple
Eclectic Rose
Color Name: Eclectic Rose
Eclectic Sage
Color Name: Eclectic Sage
Eclectic Taupe
Color Name: Eclectic Taupe
Eclectic White
Color Name: Eclectic White
Eclectic Decor Cream
Color Name: Eclectic Decor Cream
Eclectic Decor White
Color Name: Eclectic Decor White