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Geidō is inspired by rustic simplicity, stillness and the imperfect quality of any object that gives elegance to the whole.

7-10 business day standard lead time. Contact Us for quantity confirmation.

Stock Products are available with a standard turn around time of 10 business days or less. All products are subject to availability. Contact your sales representative for all confirmations.

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Geidō Blue
Color Name: Geidō Blue
Geidō Graphite
Color Name: Geidō Graphite
Geidō Green
Color Name: Geidō Green
Geidō Ivory
Color Name: Geidō Ivory
Geidō Sand
Color Name: Geidō Sand
Kama Blue
Color Name: Kama Blue
Kama Graphite
Color Name: Kama Graphite
Kama Green
Color Name: Kama Green
Kama Ivory
Color Name: Kama Ivory
Kama Sand
Color Name: Kama Sand
Karu Ivory
Color Name: Karu Ivory
Karu Smoke
Color Name: Karu Smoke