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The Textile collection offers a refined processing of materials that combines the strength of porcelain and memory luxurious fabric. Residential rooms are endowed with warmth, comfort & countless design possibilities thanks to this exquisite blend!

You can live in your home freely because Textile has excellent technical performance; stoneware is durable yet soft enough for any human touch if needed (or wanted).

Optic and Textile are designed to coordinate and mix and match.

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Color Name: Coffee
Color Name: Cotton
Dark Silk
Color Name: Dark Silk
Ivory Linen
Color Name: Ivory Linen
Color Name: Merino
Silver Wool
Color Name: Silver Wool
Tartan Cold
Color Name: Tartan Cold
Tartan Dark
Color Name: Tartan Dark
Tartan Delicate
Color Name: Tartan Delicate
Color Name: Piedopoule