For the Anthemion collection, Dylan Tripp has developed three color palettes; blue, pink and green. The shade contrasts reflect the typical nuances of natural flowers.  With a special eye for shapes, colors and movement, Dylan brings small botanical worlds to life, in a reality where elegance, poetry and spontaneity meet, creating a new floral aesthetic.
Inspired by the universe of flowers, the collection is characterised by unique aesthetics reminiscent of the Hortus Eystettensis (1613), a seminal botanical codex that is considered the precursor of modern herbaria.
Anthemion refers to the decorative motif which resembles the fan-shaped leaves of a palm tree. It was used a decorative element in Greek and Roman art and it was also a symbol of vegetation.
  • Ammi Panel
  • Ammi Pattern
  • ANT Bronze Blue
  • ANT Bronze Olive
  • ANT Golden Grey
  • ANT Golden VIolet
  • ANT Pearl Beige
  • ANT Pearl Grey
  • ANT Silver Aquamarine
  • ANT SIlver Pink
  • Anthurium Panel
  • Anthurium Pattern
  • Delphinium Panel
  • Delphinium Pattern
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