Hex Lab

When tradition meets science, the result is always surprising. The fusion of handmade craftsmanship and the latest technological advances bring us new concepts, new shapes and colors unavailable and impossible until today. In Hex Lab you’ll discover unknown and unrepeatable results where exclusivity becomes part of each piece, making it exceptional and unique.

Intuition, Mood and Ozone decor are wall usage only.   Inedita can be used in light residential flooring.  All others meet commercial DCOF >.42.  Not pictured Intuition solid Black and White.

  • Cube Blue
  • Cube Red
  • Cube White
  • Emotion Grey
  • Emotion Red
  • Inedita Blue Hexagon
  • Inedita White Hexagon
  • Intuition Black Circle Decor
  • Intuition Black Wave Decor
  • Intuition White Circle Decor
  • Intuition White Wave Decor
  • Karacter Vingage Wood
  • Mood Green
  • Mood Green Decor
  • Mood Ivory
  • Mood Ivory Decor
  • North Black Decor
  • North Sand Decor
  • Ozone Brown
  • Ozone Ivory
  • Punto Croce Black
  • Punto Croce White
  • South Green Terrazzo
  • South Grey Terrazzo
  • South Pink terrazzo
  • South White Terrazzo
  • Starline Black
  • Starline Blue
  • Starline White
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