The beautifully handmade surface you love in our Silk ceramic tiles is back in this new sister collection, Satin. Our beloved 8-inch brick returns, accompanied by a new 5-inch square and matching bullnose pieces, all in 5 lovely colors. In every shape or shade, Satin is sure to dress your design to the nines.

  • Lace Blue Brick
  • Lace Blue Bullnose
  • Lace Blue Square
  • Lace Green Brick
  • Lace Green Bullnose
  • Lace Green Square
  • Lace Lavender Brick
  • Lace Lavender Bullnose
  • Lace Lavender Square
  • Lace Pink Brick
  • Lace Pink Bullnose
  • Lace Pink Square
  • Lace White Brick
  • Lace White Bullnose
  • Lace White Square
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