Luci Di Venezia

The creation of a new collection begins with a blank page and the start of a fresh, new composition that will lead to a unique and surprising result.

Interior design is a world of endless fascination capable of generating long lasting surface coverings made from the finest materials and with unrivaled attention to detail.

Luci Di Venezia combines Wallpaper, Mirror, Porcelain tiles and mosaics to explore a design idea.

  • Luce di Venezia Blue
  • Luce di Venezia Graphite
  • Luce di Venezia Green
  • Luce di Venezia Grey
  • Luce di Venezia Ice
  • Luce di Venezia Mud
  • Luce di Venezia Red
  • Luce di Venezia White
  • Onde Blue
  • Onde Graphite
  • Onde Green
  • Onde Grey
  • Onde Ice
  • Onde Mud
  • Onde Red
  • Onde White
  • Rialto Blue
  • RIalto Graphite
  • RIalto Green
  • RIalto Grey
  • Rialto Ice
  • Rialto Mud
  • Rialto Red
  • Rialto White
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A collection rich in evocative details, precious and unique like the city that inspired it. The light from the skies embracing the gleaming light reflected off the water, the poetry and colours of Venice – all reproduced here in fine Gres porcelain.
The result is interiors full of the richness, art and charm you find wandering the little alleyways between the canals, when your eyes can hardly take in so much beauty. Available in a wide range of patterns and colours, all bound together by the magical atmosphere of their iridescent effects.

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