Inspired by the metropolitan characteristics of cement, Outlook porcelain tiles anticipate exclusive trends for interior design thanks to their soft finish and delicate shades of color. The design project is enhanced by the hexagonal shapes and vintage decorative elements, recovering the tradition of cementine tiles reinterpreting it in a modern way.

  • Outlook Calm Brown
  • Outlook Dark Grey
  • Outlook Deco Geo Cold
  • Outlook Deco Geo Warm
  • Outlook Deco Hexagon
  • Outlook Fabric Hexagon
  • Outlook Light White
  • Outlook Light White Hex
  • Outlook Mosaic Calm Brown
  • Outlook Mosaic Dark Grey
  • Outlook Mosaic Light White
  • Outlook Mosaic Simply Grey
  • Outlook Mosaic Warm Sand
  • Outlook Simply Grey
  • Outlook Simply Grey Hex
  • Outlook Warm Sand
  • Outlook Warm Sand Hex
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