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Design consultation

We Offer You Full Service Design Consultations

Design Consultation in New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Surrounding Areas

You know C to C Tile is a premier supplier of stunning tiles, you may not know that C to C Tile provides design consultation for your entire project. If you are renovating one room, not only are there factors to be considered concerning the room itself, but also with how the new renovation will coordinate with the rest of your home. If you are having work done in more than one room, the factors and considerations increase almost exponentially.

Design Consultation Ranges from Casual Resource to Project Coordination

Our design consultants give you solutions to questions that span the design spectrum. Tile selection is based on three points, for example:

  • Function – will stone, ceramic or porcelain tiles work best in your kitchen or bath
  • Aesthetics – what are the colors, pattern, styles and materials that call to you
  • Cost – options with a similar look, come in differing price points

Remodeling Expertise Reflected in Design Consultation Service

Clearly, our design consultants can advise you on selecting the perfect tile for your kitchen floor, custom bath or mosaic. We find that our customers have busy lives and attending to the minutiae of remodeling is a challenge. We can work closely with your contractor, architect or designer to shepherd the many elements of a renovation to conclusion.

Having a remodel or renovation in your home is disruptive. Our design consultants can work with all the tradespeople to coordinate their services and schedule installations to minimize as much as possible the interruptions to you daily life.

C to C Tile offers design consultations in greater New York, including Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. To schedule an appointment to learn more about our design consultation services, give us a call or visit our store and showroom.

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