Aguas by Diego Vencato

Discover the essence of a rain-soaked panorama with Aguas by Diego Vencato, where innovation meets nature’s artwork. Our rectified porcelain tiles deliver the serenity of a rain-drenched earth in a matte finish, welcoming the touch of raindrops on your fingertips.

Elevate interiors with our glossy ceramic wall tiles, laden with 3D trims that reflect light in vibrant playfulness, reminiscent of sunlight after a drizzle. Or, embrace the dynamism of rain with our circular mosaics, mesh-mounted for spontaneous beauty.

Diego Vencato infuses each Aguas tile with the narrative of rain transforming the mundane into a reflective masterpiece. Their architectural versatility is ideal for commercial spaces seeking distinction, hospitality areas rife with ambiance, and residences melding the contemporary with the timeless.

Our tiles promise durability fused with innovative design, perfect for a spectrum of aesthetic and practical applications, indoors and out. Embrace Aguas for a manifestation of poetic nature in your projects, creating spaces that celebrate the symbiosis between craftsmanship and modern design—because every tile has a story to tell.

Embark on a journey of transformation with Aguas. Let your spaces become a testament to the enchantment of rain-made art. Our Aguas collection is currently by special order.   Contact your C to C Tile sales rep to order your samples.

Explore Aguas by Diego Vencato today—where each tile is a stanza in nature’s ever-evolving poem.

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Aguas Clay 45x90
Color Name: Aguas Clay 45x90
Aguas Clay 90x90
Color Name: Aguas Clay 90x90
Aguas Graphite 45x90
Color Name: Aguas Graphite 45x90
Aguas Graphite 90x90
Color Name: Aguas Graphite 90x90
Aguas Terracotta 45x90
Color Name: Aguas Terracotta 45x90
Aguas Terracotta 90x90
Color Name: Aguas Terracotta 90x90
Aguas White 45x90
Color Name: Aguas White 45x90
Aguas White 90x90
Color Name: Aguas White 90x90
Available Sizes
3" x 12", 18" x 36", 36" x 36", All Sizes Approximate, 1.5" Diameter, 1" x 12" Trim
7mm, 9mm, 3cm
4, 5
Slip Resistance
>/= .42 wet
Box Quantity
Varies by size
Box Weight
Varies by Size
Ceramic, Porcelain
Matte, Natural, Gloss
Straight or Rectified
Water Resistant
3 Dimensional, Contemporary, Pattern, Solid Color
Body Color
Color Variation
Installation Information
Installation Options
Walls, Floors, Ceilings
Install Placement
Indoor, Outdoor
Pool Surface
Installation Type
Grout & Mortar
Shower Surface
Walls, Floors, & Ceilings
Residential / Commercial
Residential & Commercial, Light Commercial