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C to C Tile’s commercial products meets professional standards. Commercial flooring from C to C Tile ticks all the boxes meeting the demands of architects, designers, contractors, and developers in the greater New York area and beyond.  Our commercial sales associates can guide you to tiles that are innovative, attractive, and cost-effective.

Commercial flooring must be high-performing, withstanding tough conditions while supporting daily activities. C to C Tile’s selections include innovative applications that add texture to their environment.

The advances in technology have allowed for tiles to be made with increased durability and larger formats. These oversize porcelain pieces can withstand traffic and weather, making them ideal candidates for your space. 

Another benefit to the advances in technology, tiles have become more aesthetically pleasing. For example you have a choice between hardwood floors or wood-like porcelain flooring.  once it’s installed in your commercial space it is difficult to distinguish between the real wood and the porcelain option, the only difference being their affordable price tag!

We accept appointments at our Manhattan showroom or can meet with clients in your offices in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and New Jersey.   If you prefer we can schedule appointments via Video Call.  Whatever option works best for you, we have you covered.

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