Mestiza Bejmat

Mestiza Bejmat, as part of the Zellige iconic Moorish trend, is considered an art in itself.   With significant influence on western decoration, the process has not varied for millennia.

Dated from the X century, Bejmat was typically rectangular shaped and used as a paving stone. Initially in white and terracotta colors only.  The XIV century was enriched with a vibrant palette.

Maintaining the original concept while rethinking the design for a modern market, the line features 9 shaded colors and two shapes to dress entrances, patios, fireplaces, countertops, backsplashes, pools, and any living space.

The Matte finish Biscuit and Cotto colors are suitable for Commercial flooring with a slip coefficient of .42.  The glossy colors do not meet the same standard however can be used as an accent or on the walls.

This collection reproduces traditional hand-made tiles with dimensional differences between pieces (variable lengths and widths) This is part of the intended aesthetic.

It is advised to adjust each piece during installation instead of spacers.  These differences give character, a craftsman feel, and a high aesthetic value.

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Bejmat Biscuit 2x6
Color Name: Bejmat Biscuit 2x6
Bejmat Biscuit 6x6
Color Name: Bejmat Biscuit 6x6
Bejmat Cotto 2x6
Color Name: Bejmat Cotto 2x6
Bejmat Cotto 6x6
Color Name: Bejmat Cotto 6x6
Bejmat Gloss White 2x6
Color Name: Bejmat Gloss White 2x6
Bejmat Gloss White 6x6
Color Name: Bejmat Gloss White 6x6
Bejmat Gloss Azure 2x6
Color Name: Bejmat Gloss Azure 2x6
Bejmat Gloss Carmine 2x6
Color Name: Bejmat Gloss Carmine 2x6
Bejmat Gloss Lemon
Color Name: Bejmat Gloss Lemon
Bejmat Gloss Olive 2x6
Color Name: Bejmat Gloss Olive 2x6
Bejmat Gloss Lake 2x6
Color Name: Bejmat Gloss Lake 2x6
Bejmat Gloss Ebony 2x6
Color Name: Bejmat Gloss Ebony 2x6
Available Sizes
2" x 6", 6" x 6"
2, 3, 5
Slip Resistance
Box Quantity
Varies by Size
Box Weight
Varies by Size
Polished & High Gloss, Matte, Natural
Water Resistant
Classic, Contemporary, Handmade, Pattern, Solid Color, Zellige
Body Color
Color Variation
Installation Information
Installation Options
Walls, Floors
Install Placement
Indoor, Indoor & Outdoor
Pool Surface
Yes, No
Installation Type
Grout & Mortar
Shower Surface
Walls & Floors
Residential / Commercial
Residential & Commercial, Light Commercial