Looking for an exceptional material to breathe new life into your interior or exterior design? Look no further than Nàttùra Mosaics!

Crafted with a base of fine porcelain and boasting a layer of stunning glass all mounted on mesh, Nàttùra mosaics offer not only exquisite beauty, but unbeatable durability and longevity as well. These mosaics are built to stand the test of time, retaining their vibrant colors and intricate designs even in the face of heavy foot traffic and exposure to the elements.

Nàttùra mosaics come in a mix of two different tesserae sizes – 2,2×2,2cm and 2,2×4,5cm.  Whether you’re dreaming up a sleek, modern kitchen backsplash or a charming and rustic patio accent, these mosaics have got you covered.

But that’s not all! Nàttùra truly lives up to its name, bringing all the beauty and wonder of the natural world into your home. From subtle earth tones to vivid, shimmering blues and greens, each mosaic features a unique design that evokes the magic and majesty of nature.

At once tastefully elegant and delightfully playful, Nàttùra Mosaics are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to elevate their interiors or exteriors to the next level. So why wait? Order your own Nàttùra Mosaics today and discover the true beauty of the natural world, brought to life in glass and porcelain!

Nàttùra mosaics are currently available by Special Order.  Request more information from your C to C tile sales representative.

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Nattura Persimmon
Color Name: Nattura Persimmon
Nattura Peppermint
Color Name: Nattura Peppermint
Nattura Peony
Color Name: Nattura Peony
Nattura Orange
Color Name: Nattura Orange
Nattura Lavender
Color Name: Nattura Lavender
Nattura Hazelnut
Color Name: Nattura Hazelnut
Nattura Daisy
Color Name: Nattura Daisy
Nattura Cornflower
Color Name: Nattura Cornflower
Nattura Chestnut
Color Name: Nattura Chestnut
Nattura Cherry
Color Name: Nattura Cherry
Nattura Bread
Color Name: Nattura Bread
Nattura Blackberry
Color Name: Nattura Blackberry
Available Sizes
.75" Module Mosaic
Slip Resistance
Box Quantity
5.27 Sf per carton (6 sheets)
Box Weight
21 lbs
Glass, Porcelain
Polished & High Gloss
Water Resistant
Contemporary, Geometric, Handmade, Pattern
Body Color
Color Variation
Installation Information
Installation Options
Walls, Ceilings
Install Placement
Indoor & Outdoor
Pool Surface
Installation Type
Grout & Mortar
Shower Surface
Walls Only, Ceilings Only
Residential / Commercial
Residential & Commercial