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Commercial flooring

That Meets Professional Standards

Commercial Flooring in New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Surrounding Areas

C to C Tile’s commercial flooring meets professional standards in the state. Commercial flooring from C to C Tile ticks all the boxes meeting the demands of architects, designers, contractors and developers in the greater New York area, including Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Our commercial sales associates can guide you to tiles that are innovative, attractive and cost effective.

Commercial flooring must be high performing, withstanding tough conditions while supporting daily activities. C to C Tile’s selections include innovative applications that add texture to their environment.

Leading Applications in Commercial Flooring

Technology has been applied to the construction of tiles; in terms of outcomes, these steps forward have resulted in oversize porcelain tiles able to withstand traffic and weather. For commercial flooring where aesthetically, hardwood would be the choice, but the environment rules it out, there are commercial plank tiles that are hard to discern from wood once they are set.

Selecting a Commercial Floor

  • Consider how much water will be on the tile – necessary in these cases to install tile with a coefficient of slippage specified by the architect or installer
  • If you are looking for sustainability or LEED certification we have lines that will meet your needs, just let us know your requirements
  • For high-end retail and offices, we have leather tiles that have a stunning, organic look
  • We offer laser-cut stone medallions and shimmering glass tiles that would dress the floors and walls, respectively, of a commercial or mixed-use application

When Selecting Your Commercial Flooring Take Into Consideration:

  • The traffic
  • Will it be indoors or outdoors
  • Do you need complementary wall tiles

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