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The Timeless Appeal of Mid Century Modern Design.

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What do you think of when you hear the words “Mid-Century Modern”? Do you think of your grandparent’s house? The Brady Bunch? Maybe you think of modern, sleek lines and an open floor plan. Whatever it is, Mid-Century Modern (MCM) design has made a comeback in a big way! This classic style has been popular for the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down.

What is MCM design?

MCM design refers to architecture, Furniture, and graphic design from roughly 1933 to 1965. This period covers post-WWII to pre-Vietnam War America. The style was first popularized in America but has now become popular worldwide.

Clean Lines

One of the most iconic aspects of MCM design is the clean lines. This is achieved through the use of basic geometric shapes. MCM furniture often has tapered legs and rounded edges. This softens the look and makes it more approachable than other styles like Art Deco or Bauhaus which can feel stark and cold. An example of clean lines in MCM design is the use of simple shapes like squares and rectangles. This can be seen in the use of straight lines and right angles in furniture and architecture. Another example is the use of negative space. This is often used in furniture design to create an open, airy feel.

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Function over Form

Another aspect of MCM design that has stood the test of time is the focus on function over form. This means that everything in the space serves a purpose and there is nothing superfluous or unnecessary. This can create a feeling of calm and tranquility in a space which is something we all crave in our busy lives.

Functionality does not have to mean boring though! MCM spaces often have pops of bold color and patterns to add visual interest. One of the most popular ways to add a pop of color is through ceramic and porcelain tile installations. This can be in the form of a backsplash, flooring, or even a mosaic. Tile installations can be used to add visual interest and brightness to a space. Bright blues and greens in a bathroom and brightly colored tiles in a floor installation are both examples of ways to add personality, fun, and vibrance to a space and make it feel more like your own. Patterns are usually geometric which ties back to the focus on basic shapes that is so prevalent in this style. Other common colors used in MCM design are earth tones like mustard yellow, olive green, and burnt orange. Black, white, and grey are also popular as they provide a neutral backdrop for these more bold accents.

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Quality Construction

Mid-Century Modern design has had lasting appeal because of its focus on quality construction. This means that furniture and other objects are made to last. Often, materials like wood are used which can be stained or painted to match your desired color scheme. Metal is also often used in MCM design as it is a durable material that does not wear easily. Porcelain, Ceramic, and Stone are all products that are made to last making tile a great addition to this style. This focus on quality construction means that your MCM furniture and tile installations will last for years and will not go out of style.

Whether you’re looking for a timeless style or want to add some retro flair to your home, Mid Century Modern design is worth considering! With its focus on clean lines, functionality, bold colors, and quality construction, it’s no wonder this style has stood the test of time and remains as popular as ever.

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