Due Outdoor 2.0

Introducing a selection of concrete, wood, metal and stone look pavers, made in gres porcelain, dedicated to outdoor. they are 2cm thick with special pieces to guarantee convenience, resistance and an excellent aesthetic to outdoor spaces.  Take your design further and coordinate your indoor and outdoor look with walls, floors and trims in the same colors.  Contact your C to C tile sales representative for more information regarding each option.

  • Rebel Bronze
  • Rebel Lead
  • Rebel Silver
  • Bluestone Full Color
  • Bluestone Full Color Ashlar
  • Bluestone True Blue
  • Bluestone True Blue Ashlar
  • Bruges Block
  • Cemento
  • Cenere
  • Cotto Block
  • Creamstone
  • Crystal White
  • Gent Block
  • Icon Pearl
  • Icon River
  • Kauri
  • Maple
  • Moonstone
  • Namur Block
  • Nut
  • Oak
  • Ocean Black
  • Ocean Tan
  • Porfido Block
  • Sandalo
  • Sandy Island
  • Silver White Block
  • Tex Brown
  • Tex Grey
  • Tex Ivory
  • Timberwood Teak
  • White Cool
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