Verge Porcelain Mosaics

Mosaics are an ancient art form which can be used today to add Whimsy, Design and Personality to your space.  Verge mosaics are a perfect solution utilizing solid colors, Design Your Own blended colors, DYO Gradients, Murals and Custom design options.

Verge mosaics are customizable in standard 1×1 and 2×2 sizes.  Other sizes are available by request.  All Verge mosaics are available in a glossy or satin matte finish.  Some colors are available in a grip texture for added slip resistance in wet areas.

With a large color palette available you can let your imagination soar and design a truly personal space.

The mosaics shown are a sampling of what is available and can be done.  Please refer to the pdf on the Mural link above or at the bottom of the page.

To see the color palettes and the complete line of mural options either click on the links above or scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the desired link.


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